David Christensen Case Results Recent Notable Case Results

$17,800,000 BRAIN INJURY

This 40 year old woman was rear ended by a cement truck as she was returning home from work. She underwent five surgeries including three on her spine, one on her shoulder and one on her hip. She suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, and requires ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. The insurance company only offered her $600,000 before trial. The jury awarded her the full measure of her lifetime damages.


A cable technician was electrocuted while working on a power pole, leaving two young daughters and a wife he met in grade school. We spared no expense, and assembled a team of eleven experts from around the country to prove the case. The intense battle with the power company resulted in justice for the family, which recovered $4.55 million for their future. (Estate of J. v Confidential)

$2,250,000 Falling Concrete on Expressway

A doctor on his way home from work was struck by concrete falling from a dilapidated freeway overpass. The injuries caused chronic intractable pain requiring pain medications, which led to severe problems with his colon. His case against the Michigan Department of Transportation settled for $2.25 million. (Adeleye v MDOT)

$1,200,000 Pedestrian Suffers Brain Injury

A disabled man was crossing the street in the crosswalk and he was struck by a car. He suffered two broken legs and a mild traumatic brain injury. The defense argued that his pre-existing mental and emotional disabilities were the root of the problem, and not a brain injury. He was awarded $1.2 million in damages. (Anako v Murphy)

$2,000,000 Head Injury from Car Accident

A 30 year old construction laborer was rear ended at about 10 mph. He suffered a whiplash and an acceleration/deceleration brain injury. The defense argued that this was a very mild accident and could not have injured this victim. The jury disagreed and awarded the man $2 million. (Soto v Smurfit-Stone)

$1,100,000 Back Surgery for Truck Driver

A 60 year old long-haul truck driver was rear-ended by another trucker, leaving him with a herniated disc in his back. He required surgery. We took the case to trial and the jury awarded $1.1 million in damages. (Pittman v Lattimore)

$2,000,000 Head Injury

A 29 year old heating/air conditioning technician suffered a brain injury in a car crash. After over a year of rehabilitation, he was only able to return to work on a part-time basis. The jury awarded him $2 million in damages. (Mayher v Martin)

$1,500,000 Head Injury

A 35 year old part-time substitute teacher suffered a mild brain injury in a rear-end car accident. We took the case to trial, and the jury awarded damages of $1.5 million. (Nelson v Orion Air Express)

$1,600,000 Back Injury with Surgery

A 45 year old truck driver was rear-ended by a gravel truck, leaving him with a herniated disc which required surgery. He could no longer work. The trucking company paid $1.6 million to avoid a trial. (Weller v JT Express)

$1,400,000 Tinnitus from Head Injury

A 59 year old single woman was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. She suffered a concussion that caused ringing in her ears (tinnitus) and headaches. The jury awarded her $1.4 million. (Amos v Keller Lines)

$750,000 Sexual Assault by School Custodian

A 14 year old high school girl was talked into smoking marijuana with a school custodian, who then made an unwelcome sexual advance. The school district and the custodian’s employer combined to pay $750,000 to avoid a trial. (Fletcher v Ann Arbor Public Schools)

$550,000 Jury Awards House to Paraplegic Girl

A 17 year old girl became wheelchair bound after a rollover accident. Her insurance company refused to pay her benefits for home modifications, and left her living in a motel room. We went to trial and the jury awarded her a house and ordered the insurance company to pay for all the modifications necessary to make it wheelchair accessible, amounting to a recovery of over $550,000. (Nickell v Auto Owners Insurance Co)

$500,000 Jury Orders Insurance Company to Pay Bills

A 62 year old polish immigrant suffered a brain injury in a car accident. She required residential care at a head injury clinic. The insurance company disputed that she needed the care, and refused to pay her bills. We took the case to trial and the jury ordered State Farm to pay the bills and her attorney fees amounting to nearly $500,000. (Juzba v State Farm)

$300,000 Record Verdict for Psychiatric Injury

A 32 year old single mother of three was rear-ended on an expressway on-ramp. She suffered a minor whiplash injury, but developed PTSD and a severe anxiety disorder leading to panic attacks. The defense argued the anxiety was a result of extensive sexual abuse she experienced as a young girl, but the jury disagreed. The jury awarded her $300,000, which, at that time, was the largest verdict in Michigan for a purely psychiatric injury from an accident. (Barry v L & M Hardwood)

$350,000 Home Modifications Awarded To Amputee by Insurance Company

A 60 year-old woman lost her leg in a car accident, and her insurance company refused to make her home wheelchair-accessible. We fought for her, and relentlessly investigated the insurer. Finally, we discovered that the insurer was hiding critical documents that proved her claim was valid. They were forced to pay over $350,000 for home modifications. (Burkard v Westfield)

$1,000,000 Woman Wins Underinsured Motorist Benefits at Trial

A woman was vacuuming her car at a car wash when another driver crashed into her car, crushing her leg. We took the offending driver to court along with the victim’s insurance company because she wisely had purchased under-insured motorist insurance coverage. The jury found that she was entitled to a full recovery of $1 million. (Venegas v Jones)