New Concussion Clinic in Royal Oak

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Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries need specialized treatment by trained professionals. Metro Detroit patients can look forward to just that kind of treatment at the new concussion clinic on Beaumont Health System’s campus in Royal Oak.

The new concussion clinic will be staffed by brain injury neuroscience experts, who will be able to provide prompt care on an outpatient basis. Patients will be able to schedule appointments using a 24-hour hotline, 855-4MY-HEAD, and be seen within 72 hours.

Getting high quality care right away after a head injury is essential to prevent more severe secondary injuries as a result of swelling or inflammation of the brain. Most patients with concussions experience confusion, dizziness, amnesia, headaches, loss of balance, nausea, slurred speech, and double vision. After a hard hit on the football field or an auto accident, patients should call and be checked on by a brain injury expert as soon as possible.

If a neuro clinician confirms that a concussion has occurred, the prescription will usually be for lots of rest. Most patients are eager to get back to work, school, and sports, but jumping back in too soon can increase the risk of another injury. According to Beaumont Medical Director, Daniel Michael,

“If the child returns to play while still experiencing symptoms, it will greatly increase the risks of more severe post-concussive symptoms with prolonged recovery and put the patient at risk of additional injuries due to increased reaction time, slowed information-processing and impaired coordination.”

Symptoms of concussions are also worsened by physical or mental exertion, so rest really does mean stepping away from work and school until medically cleared to return. When the brain injury is more severe, thorough treatment including rehabilitation therapy may be necessary to get the patient back to health.

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