New Treatment for Diffuse Brain Injury found by Scientists

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The journal Neural Regeneration Research recently announced a new medication to treat diffuse brain injury. The treatment provides neuroprotective affects that could reduce the systematic death of brain cells caused by the injury. If approved, this treatment could reduce the degeneration effects of traumatic and other brain injury.

Diffuse brain injury (DBI) means an injury that damages several areas of the brain. This kind of damage often occurs in closed-head injuries where the brain hits the inside of the skull causing bruising and swelling. Apolipoprotein E-derived therapeutic peptide provides synaptic stability, which helps DBI patients with learning and memory performance.

But until recently, the effectiveness of this drug was limited by researchers’ ability to get it into the brain. The synthetic form of the treatment was not able to cross the blood-brain barrier, which meant that the treatment could not be taken by pill or injection, it had to be administered directly into the brain. The new version of the treatment, apolipoprotein E (138) mimetic peptide, has been shown to be able to cross the blood-brain barrier in both normal and injured brains, which opens up access to the healing properties of the drug.

Learning and memory disabilities can be devastating to traumatic brain injury patients. Men and women who are used to easily picking up new concepts and recalling names and processes suddenly find their thoughts scrambled and their concentration gone. With no surgical treatment for DBI, hope for significant restoration of these abilities has always been limited. This new treatment could open the way to substantial healing and an improvement in patients’ cognitive and occupational functioning.

DBI is a complicated injury. It can be difficult to get your insurance company to pay for treatments like this new proposed drug. You need someone who understands your condition and has a history of getting compensation for his clients. If you or someone you love suffers from DBI, contact the experts at Christensen Law for a consultation.