Courtney Hedler

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Courtney Hedler is a Legal Assistant at Christensen Law, with offices in Southfield, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been working for founder David Christensen since June 2015.

Courtney Hedler, Learning Within Christensen Law

Over her time with Christensen Law, Courtney’s role has grown from receptionist to legal assistant. When she first came to the office, she was a blank slate, but through the education she has received from David Christensen and the rest of the Christensen Law team, she is ready to give our clients her best.

The Voice of Christensen Law

Courtney works as the legal assistant in the pre-suit department under the advisory of Attorney Deborah Tonelli. When your case first starts off with our firm, you will deal directly with Deborah and Courtney. Through the knowledge and experience that Courtney has gained, she will always make sure to give you her complete, and undivided attention to assure you that your case is in the right hands. There is no doubt that the pre-suit department will give 110% effort in your case from the time your file is with them, to the time it goes into litigation.

A resident of Highland, Michigan, her time at Christensen Law has changed the way she sees her future.

“What I love most about my job is that from starting off as a receptionist here, to being where I am today, I have gained a lot of knowledge about Personal Injury and Auto No Fault Law. Thanks to Christensen Law, I know I have a bright future ahead of me in this field of work. I love that everyone here at Christensen Law has an immense amount of knowledge and experience to assure that everyone continues to grow and succeed at their jobs.”

The staff at Christensen Law is excited to watch Courtney continue to grow in her role as a Legal Assistant. If you are looking for a well-trained team to protect your billing, need someone to answer questions regarding a case, contact Christensen Law and talk to Courtney. She will help you schedule a free initial consultation to address your needs.