Thomas N. Economy

Associate Attorney

Thomas N. Economy is an Associate Attorney at Christensen Law, practicing out of both the Southfield, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan offices. He has been working alongside Founder David Christensen and Attorney Sarah Stempky Kime since November 2016. As a key part of the legal team, Tom will be there for you in court.

Tom’s Role: Tom’s primary responsibility is assist in the firm’s tort cases, including the areas auto negligence, no-fault, and premises liability. He advocates on the client’s behalf when the insurance companies deny payment.
As one of the licensed attorneys at Christensen Law, Tom also regularly appears in court. There he will fight on your behalf against the insurance companies’ efforts to avoid payment. He is a tough litigator; hard on the defendants, but compassionate to his clients.

Tom is a graduate of the Michigan State University Law School. He has been a successful litigating attorney for well over a decade.