Top 10 Tips for Safe Drivers

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Being a safe driver is the best way to protect yourself against a No-Fault Insurance claim. Many insurers give discounts to safe drivers, too. So how can you dodge an impending crash?

  1. Maintain Your Vehicle
    When did you last check your wiper fluid? Your tire pressure? Uneven tire pressure can cause blowouts and clouded windshields interfere with visibility. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.
  2. Watch Your Back
    Watch out for strange driving around you. If someone is weaving through traffic he or she will catch up with you soon enough. Keep your eyes open and move out of the way of the aggressive driver.
  3. Look Ahead
    You can see a problem coming by focusing further ahead. Watch for break lights 3 or 4 cars ahead so that you’re ready to react.
  4. Assume the Worst
    Is that driver turning or did they forget to turn off their blinker? When in doubt, assume the worst. You will be much less likely to get into an accident.
  5. Wear Seat Belts
    Michigan requires every driver and passenger to wear a seat belt. Seat belts reduce the risk of death for front-seat passengers by about 50%. So buckle up; it could save a life.
  6. Stay Awake
    Even a few seconds with your eyes closed poses serious traffic risks. If you start to feel drowsy pull over and take a break. A quick stop to wake up could make all the difference.
  7. Slow Down in Bad Weather
    Rain, snow, and fog can make it hard to see and stop. Slow down, back off, and take your time when the weather turns bad.
  8. Back Off
    When something unexpected you need time to react. A good rule of thumb is to leave 3 seconds between you and the car in front of you. In bad weather, increase that count to 6 seconds. The distance gives you time to see what’s happening and respond safely.
  9. Slow Down
    30% of all traffic accidents involve speeding. Even going 10 m.p.h. faster only saves you a few minutes over the course of a trip. Leave a bit earlier and take it a little slower. It could save you the time and expense of the crash.
  10. Put the Phone Down
    Distracted driving shoots your risk of an accident through the roof. It is illegal in Michigan to text or hold a cell phone while driving. Be safe. Put the phone on silent and out of sight so you won’t be tempted to use it behind the wheel.

The lawyers at Christensen Law know that the best way to protect you from No-Fault Insurance problems is to avoid car crashes in the first place. By making the effort to be a safe driver, you can reduce the chances of being in an accident. If an accident does happen, contact the No-Fault Insurance experts at Christensen Law for a consultation.