The Truth About Vaping

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After years of anti-smoking campaigns, nicotine addiction in young adults was on the decline. E-cigarettes like Juul have brought it back.

E-cigarette use, or vaping, has skyrocketed in the past few years. The 2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey found that 11.7 percent of high school students smoked e-cigarettes, compared to only 1.5 percent in 2011.

Many would not have smoked at all without companies like Juul—a 2015 report from the National Health Interview Survey states that 40 percent of using young adults were never smokers before trying e-cigarettes.

An e-cig lawsuit can be a way to seek justice and monetary compensation for the young adults affected by vaping injuries.

Why E-Cig Users Are Considering a Juul Lawsuit

At Christensen Law, we’re unsettled by the deceptive tactics used to market vaping to children and young adults. Brightly colored packaging, fruity flavors, and “youth education” programs assured that this product would get into the hands of children, without providing the truth about the risks. These efforts were aimed at addicting a new generation to nicotine.

When polled, 60 percent of teens reported e-cigarettes as being mostly flavoring, unaware that a starter pack contained high levels of addictive nicotine. In fact, a single Juul cartridge is roughly equal to a pack of cigarettes.

By the time you finish a starter pack, you’re already addicted. Nicotine use has outsized effects on the brains of children and young adults. Many users are already suing for vaping injuries. If you or a loved one have seen the negative effects of vaping and are considering an e-cig lawsuit, let us help.

We’re still not sure about the long-term dangers of vaping, but already the short-term dangers are making themselves clear. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported nearly 400 vaping-related respiratory illnesses in 36 states, and those are just the ones that have been confirmed to be linked to e-cigarettes such as Juul.

Suing for Vaping Injuries

We want to hold companies like Juul accountable for the lasting damages they’ve caused.

Regardless of whether you or your child has obvious illness or straightforward nicotine addiction from using Juul, we can help achieve justice for them with a vaping lawsuit.

Contact us today if you or a loved one are now living with disease and/or addiction thanks to Juul’s immoral marketing practices. To schedule a free consultation, call 248-213-4900 or visit us online for more information.

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