Understanding Michigan No-Fault: How the Bills Get Paid

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After a serious automobile accident there is a lot to think about. Previous posts have walked you through who is responsible for your medical bills and property damage, and what is covered. This post will show you how to get those bills paid.

The key to collecting payment from the auto insurance company is the Application of Benefits. This form should be submitted to the No-Fault Insurance provider as soon as possible after the accident. It includes a release that gives the company access to your medical records and the ability to pay outstanding medical bills. You will also be asked to provide wage and employment information.

When you are completing the application it is important to be as complete as possible. Even though many injuries do not reveal themselves for days, or sometimes weeks, it becomes more difficult to get the insurance companies to cover injuries not included in the initial Application for Benefits. Even bumps and scrapes can sometimes turn in to serious injuries later on, and a minor concussion could actually be a traumatic brain injury causing life-long problems. To make sure those bills are easily covered, disclose everything, no matter how minor.

Once the application is filed, the information is verified by a claims adjuster. You can speed this process along by getting disability slips from your doctors and providing them to the adjuster. You should also tell your doctors about your insurance provider and claim number, so they can anticipate the call.

After you complete your application you should start tracking your medical and replacement services expenses. Submit copies of all your medical bills to the insurance provider as soon as possible, but within one year of receiving treatment at the latest, and other expenses every month. If your bill is not submitted within one year, the insurance company is not required to pay it. Make sure to track your mileage to and from treatments and doctors’ appointments – you can be reimbursed for that too!

The No-Fault insurance provider will also pay up to $20 per day for replacement services like child care and household chores, but only if your doctor says it is necessary. Ask your doctor to write you a letter authorizing specific replacement services and give that to the adjuster. Keep track of the days the work is performed, and generally what was done for you.

Once the application has been verified your medical bills, mileage, and replacement services should be paid within 30 days of when you submit them. If they are not, the experienced No-Fault attorneys at Christensen Law can help you hold the insurance company to its obligation, and get your medical expenses paid. If you or someone you love has been the victim of an automobile accident, contact Christensen Law as soon as possible to protect yourself and your future.