The Truth About Vaping

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Everyone is being inundated with information about vaping using e-cigarettes like Juul.

If you're overwhelmed by all the information about vaping, you are not alone.

But the dangers are real, and we must first try to understand them.

My name is David Christensen. My legal team is dedicated to helping those in need during this health crisis.

Our young people have been tricked by deceptive marketing making them think that vaping is cool and safe.

In truth, Juul designed a product specifically designed to hook our young people on nicotine as many and as early as possible.

Each Juul pod contains more nicotine than an entire pack of cigarettes. While a lot of the cigarette goes up in smoke into the air, every bit of nicotine in a Juul pod goes straight to the brain.

We all know the dangers of smoking cigarettes. But we've been told vaping is safe; clearly it is not.

Already, we are seeing growing numbers of illnesses and deaths across the country linked to vaping. Three people have died of a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping as cases skyrocket.

Nicotine significantly affects the development and functioning of young people's brains. If nicotine is used during teens and early twenties, it impairs the development of the person's ability to make good decisions, to pay attention, to learn new material.

If you or a loved one have become ill from using Juul, or are addicted to the nicotine from the Juul device, please contact our office. David Christensen Law is here to help.

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