Warm Weather Invites Mountain Bikers Off-Road

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The weather in Michigan has finally warmed up. For mountain bikers, that’s an invitation to go off-road. But if you are going to hit the trails this spring, make sure to bring safety with you.

The spring warm up was late this year in Michigan. And that’s left many Mountain bikers eager to hit the trails. But the quick onset of biking weather has meant many cyclists took to the road unprepared. Before you head off-road, make sure you’ve paid attention to safety.

Check Your Mountain Bike Helmet

Just because your mountain bike helmet has served you well in the past doesn’t mean it’s time for a change. Helmets wear out over time, and can be damaged from falls. Before you hit the trails, check your helmet for cracks, damage, or wear. Investing the money into a new helmet could be the difference between a quick fall and a lengthy traumatic brain injury recovery.

Tune Up Your Brakes

When you go off-road, your brakes are the difference between a quick stop and a head-first fall. But over time, your brake pads can wear out and your cables can stretch. When that happens, you won’t be able to react as quickly to an off-road obstacle. Give your brakes the attention they deserve and tune up your brakes every year. It could keep you riding and save you from a serious injury.

Pump Up Your Tires, but Not Too Much

After a winter in a shed or garage, your mountain bike tires will probably be flat. Firm tires protect you from the bumps, roots, and rocks along the trails. Under-inflated tires can burst when put under pressure from pot-holes or divots. But over-inflated tires can also pose a danger to mountain bikers. If your tires are ready for the road, you could face challenges on the trail. Make sure you tire pressure matches your off-road ambitions.

Skimping on safety before you hit the trails may seem like a time-saver. But if you take a hard fall, a serious fall or traumatic brain injury could keep you off the bike for good. Take the time to do a proper safety check before you go off-road this spring. It could even save your life.

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