What To Do If Your Child is Hurt on the School Bus

No one wants to get the call that their child has been hurt on the school bus. Whether because of an auto accident, or improper supervision, you need to know where to turn when a serious injury occurs.

School bus accidents can seriously affect your child’s education and development. When your child is hurt on the school bus it can take him or her out of school for days, or even months. The more serious the injury, the more likely you will need help getting support for your child and your family. But there are some things you can do to help yourself.

Get Specific About the Circumstances

You never know what detail could make all the difference in a school bus accident case. Unfortunately, when a child is hurt on the bus, there can be a lack of adult witnesses able to testify. Talk to your kid right away to help them remember and document what happened. Be specific. Write down names, dates, times, and locations, right down to what seat the child was sitting in when the injury happened. Your bus accident attorney can help you sort out the important details later, once the dust has settled.

Document Injuries and Recovery Progress

One thing few people think to do after a school bus accident is photograph the injuries their children suffered. Visual evidence of harm to children can be especially compelling if your case goes to trial. By the time an attorney gets involved, many of those wounds will be healed.

You should also document your child’s recovery process. Keep a journal of their good days and their bad days. This will help the jury understand how the injury affected your child’s life.

File a Notice of Claim With Your Insurance Company

If the injury is related to the operation of the bus itself (rather than a fight or bullying that occurred there), you should get your auto insurance company involved right away. Many auto insurers have short windows for you to file a claim for no-fault benefits. Because the child was not injured in the car, some parents miss the opportunity to claim medical expenses and attendant care (including child care costs for time off school) simply by not notifying their insurance provider.

Investigate School Bus Responsibility

You can help your auto accident attorney by investigating the transportation arrangements of the school bus involved. Is it owned by the school district or operated by a transportation company? Are there cameras on the bus? Your lawyer will help you dig deeper, looking at the bus driver’s disciplinary record and the school’s hiring practices. But by getting a jump on this investigation you can help your lawyer identify the proper parties to the lawsuit.

School bus accident lawsuits can be complicated and involve a lot of defendants. You will need an experienced legal team to get you the best result. By helping yourself and your family immediately following the injury, you will be better able to help your injured child later on.