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Concussions and brain injuries affect thousands of families every year. Sport-related concussions pose serious risks to student athletes unless schools adopt proper screening policies. To get the word out, Christensen Law is giving away 3 copies of Will Smith’s Concussion DVD to their Facebook followers.

Concussions and repeated brain injury have plagued athletes including football players and boxers for decades. But it wasn’t until recently that this condition had a name. In 2005, Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neurologist in the Department of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh, first identified “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” (CTE) – the condition affecting football players and others who suffer repetitive traumatic brain injuries as part of their everyday life. But his discovery was not well-received by the National Football League.

Will Smith’s movie Concussion, released late last year, tells Dr. Omalu’s story, exposes the truth about brain injuries in the NFL, and casts a spotlight on an issue that has roiled America’s most popular sports league. Rick Walker, an NFL veteran who played nine seasons including the Washington Redskins’ 1983 Super Bowl XVII victory told Reuters he hopes women, particularly mothers, see “Concussion.” He says they have the power to change the game at the grassroots level to better protect their children:

Dads have already been aware of the situation, and most men will play no matter what. . . . When you’re young, moms are taking you to Pee Wee and Pop Warner (youth leagues). . . . Mothers can be such a big influence. If they combine their forces, they have the power to bring about change. They will protect their babies. But with dads, it’s always a macho issue.

Now, Will Smith’s film is coming to DVD, and Christensen Law wants to make you a part of it.

Founder David Christensen is a national expert on traumatic brain injury, particularly after an auto accident. He is fluent in the language of neuroimaging, micro-damage and neuropsychology. Christensen is passionate about helping brain injury victims. He believes awareness is key to preventing serious sport-related brain injury.

To that end, Christensen Law is giving away 3 copies of Will Smith’s Concussion when the DVDs are released on March 29. To be a part of the action, all you need to do is head over to the Christensen Law Facebook page and answer one simple question:

What’s the lead cause of TBI?

Three correct responders will be chosen at random to receive a copy of Will Smith’s newest movie, Concussion. The contest starts today, Monday, March 21. The winners’ copies will be mailed out the first week of April.

You can be part of the initiative to raise brain injury awareness. Follow the Christensen Law Facebook page today to get all the information on TBI and how it could affect you and your family.