Auto Accidents

Auto accidents and vehicular trauma can be instantly life-changing. The aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident can potentially be fraught with significant physical, mental, and financial challenges. People who have suffered the loss of a loved one or who have been stripped of their ability to function independently because of a car accident need support. You need an advocate to fight on your behalf, which is why it is of utmost importance to select an attorney who specializes in traffic accidents.

Christensen Law is an elite law firm that exclusively manages motor vehicle accident cases. Our trial record is among the top 1 percent of trial attorneys nationwide. Whether a case is large or small, whether the details are obvious or complicated, every case is carefully prepared for trial from the very beginning. This tenacious approach is what has led to our remarkable rate of success, and what often negates the need for a trial and leads instead to settlement. The attorneys of Christensen Law have won serious injury and wrongful death cases against some of the biggest insurance companies in the nation, the United States Government, and the State of Michigan.

What also sets Christensen Law apart is our focus on supporting the needs of each client. We do not accept every case that is brought to our attention, and this policy enables us to put all of our weight behind the clients we do choose to represent. Whether a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury case, David Christensen and his team of talented attorneys have decades of cumulative experience in winning and getting the very best results for their clients.

A motor vehicle collision will break down into two cases under Michigan’s no-fault insurance system: a first party claim, where your car insurance provider is sued for medical expenses and lost wages, and a third party claim, which brings a separate case against the person who is at fault for the auto accident or their insurance company for damages beyond what is covered by your own insurance.

Christensen Law handles motor vehicle accidents for cars, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles, and boats.