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Listens to You

Listening. Protecting. Winning. That’s the entire philosophy of David Christensen Law. We’re an experienced Michigan personal injury law firm that puts clients before everything else. When you’ve been hurt in a car accident, slip-and-fall, or truck accident in Detroit or injured in some other type of accident, you need an attorney who listens to your concerns and provides you with the information you need. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the process of seeking the financial compensation you are entitled to. We make it a point to form a personal connection with each of our clients so that we know how to serve them best. When you work with a Detroit car accident lawyer from our firm, you’ll get real, honest information as it pertains to your unique situation. There won’t be any empty promises or technical jargon. Just straight answers that you can use to make an informed decision about what to do next. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the process of seeking the financial compensation you are entitled to. We make it a point to form a personal connection with each of our clients so that we know how to serve them best. When you work with a Detroit car accident lawyer from our firm, you’ll get real, honest information as it pertains to your unique situation. There won’t be any empty promises or technical jargon. Just straight answers that you can use to make an informed decision about what to do next.

Protects Your Rights

The aftermath of an auto wreck, a serious injury, or school abuse in Detroit can be one of the most confusing, traumatizing periods of your life. To make matters worse, the insurance company or the attorneys representing the at-fault party will do everything they can to take advantage of you and leave you undercompensated. You can relax. David Christensen Law will deal with these entities on your behalf and make certain that your rights are respected. Whether that means negotiating a settlement or representing you in Detroit court, we won’t let anyone treat you with anything less than respect in your car accident claim.

Wins for You

Our Detroit law firm gets results for our clients. We’ve helped car accident victims from all across Michigan obtain seven- and eight-figure settlements to cover their damages and losses. Every car accident attorney in our office knows how to efficiently investigate a wreck and build a powerful case to support an injured victim’s need for compensation. We will obtain a full personal injury settlement for you, or we’ll take your case to trial. David Christensen has achieved the highest possible honors for a trial lawyer, and no auto accident law firm has a better record at trial. We’ll also work closely with you and your doctor to account for all of your losses and future accident-related needs and determine what a full settlement amount should be. You’ll get the compensation you need for your recovery.


Everyone at Christensen Law was extremely friendly and very easy to work with. Whenever I had a question, they took the time to talk with me and explained everything thoroughly. They were also very quick to return phone calls. I would definitely recommend Christensen Law to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

Doris Washington

I suffered Traumatic Brain Injury when struck by a vehicle while walking. My recovery was a long uphill battle; I had little energy to expend on daily routines and even LESS on caring for my home and life. I wondered how I could continue into the future with the difficulties I faced.


Overall a professional, great team. Everyone knew me and my case. When I left a message, I got a quick reply. Sarah made me feel comfortable going into a courtroom, where I never had been before. Both David and Sarah are very knowledgeable with legal issues. I trusted everyone and am a satisfied client.

V. Watkins

I never knew attorneys could be so accessible and kind. They fought for me all the way to the end. They had to take my case to trial and they won me a great settlement. Now I have a secure future.


HH, Davison

I was treated very nicely and professionally with a lot of consideration and compassion for my disabilities suffered in a horrible car accident. Mr. Christensen and Sarah Stempky made sure I understood what was happening with my case and that everything was pulled together.

LG, Stockbridge

As an accident victim I had to have my leg amputated and I was in bad shape overall. David Christensen was a light in that experience. I ended up with an entire home modification to accommodate my disabilities. It was a very stubborn insurance company but David wouldn’t take no for an answer.

CB, Milford

If I had questions or worries Dave would address them with me because he knows what he is doing. I think the world of him. I felt he went above and beyond to turn a really bad situation around. I have hope now where before I felt powerless and miniscule and that these big insurance companies were just going to railroad me.

DT, Jackson
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Christensen Law: Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

David and his team aren't just capable and experienced-they're recognized leaders who have achieved record-setting settlements.

When you need an experienced Detroit accident lawyer who treats you like a human being and not a case number, you need David Christensen Law. Our reputation speaks for itself. And we aren’t just known for taking especially good care of our clients—we also have a reputation for being exceptional trial attorneys. Our founder, David Christensen, is a recognized leader in the field of personal injury and accident law. He has held leadership positions in numerous professional organizations and has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America (an award given to just the top 2 percent of attorneys). David earned these achievements through consistently delivering winning results on behalf of clients. In fact, the seven- and eight-figure settlements he’s won have even set records. Insurance companies know our reputation, which makes them more likely to settle according to your terms.

Not Like Other Detroit Car Accident Firms Our Detroit law firm doesn’t accept every case. When we take you on as a client, we are making a commitment to you. Our objective is to deliver the results you need to recover from your car accident or catastrophic injuries. We will spare no resource to reach your objective. You’ll never wonder what the status of your accident claim is when you work with us. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way and make certain that you’re prepared for whatever challenge might be ahead. While our stellar reputation makes settling your case through negotiation highly likely, we are always prepared to go to trial should it become the best means of winning your financial compensation.

Year of Experience, Proven Results David Christensen Law has been helping injured accident victims in Detroit get justice for well over twenty-five years now. We know what sort of tactics the insurance company will use, and we know how to build a compelling case that exposes those tactics for what they are. Whether you suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken bone, or any other injury type, we truly care about getting you the funds you need to put your life back together. We provide every new client with a free consultation to learn what legal options might be available for compensation. There’s no obligation to continue past the initial case evaluation, so there’s no risk involved. We want to make things as easy as possible for you after your injury or car accident, and that starts the moment you contact us.

Personal Injury FAQ

  • I have been in a car accident in Detroit. What should I do?

    Nothing is more important than your health. If you have a personal injury go to the doctor or emergency room first. Do not hesitate: Michigan’s no-fault act provides insurance coverage for your medical care if you don’t have health insurance. Many injuries, such as mild traumatic brain injuries, or even damaged spinal discs do not appear to be as serious at first, and only later you may discover how serious the injury is. This is why it is important to see a doctor after a car accident.

  • Who will pay for my medical bills after a car accident?

    Don’t worry, the auto insurance companies or your health insurance company will cover most of your medical expenses. If you were working when the car accident happened, your company’s worker’s compensation insurer can also help cover the bills. Your no-fault car insurance also covers any other expenses related to your care, recovery or rehabilitation like: Mileage for trips to the doctor, Home nursing or attendant care (even if provided by your friends or family), and Home accessibility needs like ramps, hand rails, and even widened hallways and doors.

  • I can’t work after my accident. Who will pay for my lost income?

    Michigan no-fault auto insurance covers your lost wages if you are injured and cannot work. It will pay 85% of your gross wages for up to 3 years. Even if you were between jobs, but looking for work, you may qualify for lost wage payments, based on 85% of your gross pay at your most recent job.

  • What if I need help with housework after the car accident?

    The No-Fault Act has you covered here too. If you require assistance doing chores around the house because of your car accident injuries, your no-fault insurer must pay up to $20 per day for someone to help you. This benefit can last up to 3 years.

  • Who is going to pay for my damaged car after the accident?

    Michigan law requires the at-fault driver to pay the first $750 in repair bills for each car they damaged. Any amount above $750 is paid by your own collision insurance.

  • What if the driver who hit me in Detroit was uninsured?

    Every auto insurer offers optional uninsured motorist coverage. This additional insurance covers you and your car if the driver and vehicle that hit you was uninsured, or if they fled after the collision and cannot be found. It acts like insurance for the uninsured (or missing) driver that hit you. Uninsured motorist insurance is optional, so you may not have it. Wise drivers purchase this very inexpensive but important coverage to protect them against uninsured drivers’ negligence. If you don’t have this insurance, and the driver that hit you does not have any insurance, or flees the scene, you will not be compensated for your damages.

  • The at-fault driver’s insurance company called me. What do I do?

    Don’t be your own car accident lawyer. The only reason the at-fault insurance company is calling you is to try to take advantage of your lack of experience and knowledge in this area. They will frequently offer very low settlements to unsuspecting car accident victims before you can get advice from a Detroit attorney specializing in auto and truck accident cases. Call an attorney that specializes in auto and truck accident cases before making any deals with an insurance company.

  • When should I consult an attorney for my car accident?

    It is never too early to consult an attorney if you have been injured in an accident in Detroit., whether it’s a car crash or a motorcycle accident or something else. Any consultation should be free of charge, with no up-front payments whatsoever. Be sure your attorney specializes in serious truck and auto accidents for best results. Christensen Law never charges for a consultation, and guarantees that there will never be a fee unless you win your case. If you believe you have suffered a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”), only consider attorneys that spend at least 80% or more of their practice handling these cases. A TBI case requires deep knowledge and experience to get the best results for this very serious injury. They are difficult to prove, yet are incredibly life altering events. Don’t leave your future to an attorney that dabbles in the field. Find someone who teaches other attorneys how to best handle these cases, like David Christensen.

  • Where do I get my police report about the car accident?

    Most police departments make the police reports available online. If not, you can get a copy of your report at the police department that took your information at the accident scene.