David Christensen handled my case after I was involved in an accident. I was very lucky because the accident could have been much more serious than it was. The case itself took time to resolve, but I was kept informed throughout the entire process. I was very happy with the services provided to me by Christensen Law.
Herbert Williams

Fantastic Service from a caring law firm. The Christensen law firm did an outstanding job handling our difficult case. The staff was attentive and thorough handling our case every step of the way. The expertise of everyone on staff made for a very successful outcome. We brought our case to another firm but they showed very little interest in moving the case forward. We were lucky that Christensen Law took the time to review our case and were able to steer the resolution to a positive outcome. If it were not for Dave and his staff we would have never been able to get our case settled with such a positive outcome. We recommend this firm to any client that is looking for a serious attorney who cares about his clients and demonstrates trough hard work that positive outcomes can be had in even the most difficult cases.
Kristin N.

When I was injured on the job, I turned to Christensen Law for advice. The law firm studied my case, offered expert legal advice, and negotiated a settlement on my behalf. I was able to avoid a costly trial and was pleased with Dave Christensen’s compassion, understanding of my issues, and his willingness to listen (often) to my concerns. Dave and Michelle were available by phone and email and replied promptly to my many questions. With their persistence and dedication, I was able to reach a satisfactory settlement and would highly recommend Christensen Law.
EB – St. Clair, MI

Great experience that came out of unfortunate car accident. David Christensen is very friendly and they worked VERY hard on my case. I would recommend this law firm to family members. After my car accident, I had a team of attorneys named Dave Christensen and Sarah Stempky that helped me through the entire process from beginning to end. If I had questions, both attorneys would always get back to me in a timely manner. Sarah and Dave were really nice and made me feel very comfortable. It was a great experience that came out of an unfortunate car accident.
Michael J. – Detroit, MI

Still in shock from the amazing settlement my attorneys got me. Between all of the attorneys who helped me, David Christensen and Sarah Stempky, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. It was easy, straight forward and I was always in the loop. I don’t want to go through a car accident ever again, but they made it so I didn’t have to worry about it and I was comfortable with what was going on at all times. I was a person to my attorneys, not just a number. I’m still in shock with the amazing settlement they won for me.
Teresa S. – Portland, MI

Get the job done. This is a great firm. They work well with you and they get the job done. My lawyers Dave Christensen and Sarah Stempky helped me receive all of my medical expenses after my car accident and they got me a great settlement. I highly recommend them for help aft a car accident.
Pam M. – Harper Woods, MI

Absolutely recommend these attorneys. This is a professional and efficient law firm. My attorneys did their jobs and that s why I came here. I’m satisfied with my settlement. Sarah and David are excellent people and attorneys. They are both very professional and polite. I enjoyed dealing with them. I absolutely recommend these attorneys.
Dionicio G.  – Lansing, MI

I now have a secure future thanks to Dave and Sarah’s protection. Sarah and Dave were so nice and personable. If I had a question I could call or text them. I never knew attorneys could be so accessible and kind. They really made it a point to personally get to know me and they were just awesome. They helped me with everything from square one after my accident, making sure I got my medical bills paid and that everything was covered. It wasn’t just about them, they made me feel like I was important and they fought for me all the way to the end. They had to take my case to trial and they won me a great settlement. After my accident, I was unsure about my future because my injuries prevented me from doing what I was going to school for. But now I have a secure future thanks to Dave and Sarah’s protection.
Heather H. – Davison, MI

Touched by Dave’s kindness and the way he helped me.
Dave Christensen is an attorney who really cares. He treats people with respect, no nonsense and he’s there for you. Dave got me a great settlement for my car accident. He even cut my attorney fee just to give me a better settlement. I am touched by Dave’s kindness and the way he helped me.
Kelly C. – Farmington Hills, MI

My lawyer David Christensen was a light after my horrible car accident where I lost my leg.
As an accident victim, I had to have my leg amputated and I was in bad shape overall. My body was just crushed in the accident. But my lawyer David Christensen was a light in that horrible experience. He couldn’t have been more helpful to me and the situation I was in. He worked so hard on my case. He didn’t give up and settle for something small. I ended up for an entire home modification to accommodate my disabilities, not just a new bathroom and a ramp. Every morning when I wake up, I just cannot tell you what blessing it’s been in my life to have my house restored to where I could use 100 percent of it. We worked with a very stubborn insurance company but David wouldn’t take -no.
Carol B. – Milford, MI

We were shown kindness by everyone at Christensen Law.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We appreciate the kindness that we were shown by everyone at the law firm and everything our attorneys did to help us after our car accident to get our case resolved. Thank you, Dave and Sarah.
Teresa B. – Romulus, MI

Treated very professionally with a lot of consideration and also compassion for my disabilities. I was treated very nicely and very professionally with a lot of consideration and also compassion for my disabilities that I suffered after my horrible car accident. I knew my lawyers Mr. Christensen and Sarah Stempky care about me. They always comforted me and made sure I understood what was happening with my case, and that everything was pulled together. They got my no fault insurance benefits for me, so I was taken care of with my medical care and my lost wages. I was very happy with my settlement. It was a wonderful surprise because there was so much resistance with my insurance company and the defense lawyers.
Lona G. – Stockbridge, MI

Dave Christensen was at the top of his game. I had a great experience with attorney Dave Christensen. He was at the top of his game. I trusted that everything he said was going to happen. He did what he said he was going to do. He has a great reputation and so does his associate Sarah Stempky. They were very thorough. They treated me well. Professionally, they answered all my questions. I was happy with my settlement.
Anonymous – Grosse Pointe

The were down to earth and explained themselves well. This is a very positive, trustworthy firm. Dave Christensen and Sarah Stempky are a great lawyer team and they did me right. I didn’t know what to expect because I ve never been though this before. But they are personal and friendly. The were down to earth and explained themselves well. I m very satisfied with my settlement. Even the secretaries were real nice.
Cynthia Jeffrey – Monroe, MI

Get the job done and very friendly! Dave Christensen gets the job done. Very friendly. They helped me to heal and get back on feet after my car accident.
Pamela M. – Detroit, MI

Passionate and genuine lawyers. Personally, I have never experienced the passion that is behind what they do in this office. When we came in, they made us feel like part of the family. They were really personal and didn’t treat us like Monday. Dave Christensen and Sarah Stempky my attorneys were outstanding and instrumental in helping conclude our case. They always were there to answer our questions. They didn’t make us call and find out because they always kept us on board. They explained everything in terms we could understand, not in lawyer lingo. At one of our hearings, Dave explained everything step by step so we would understand why things are the way they are. I would refer this firm to anybody and everybody that needs legal assistance or has been involved in an auto accident.
Antonio, M. – Muskegon, MI

I’m going to refer David Christensen to anybody that asks me. There are laws out there that I didn’t know about and was informed by Sarah and Dave. It tuned out in my favor otherwise I would have been still healing after my motorcycle accident. I’m going to refer these attorneys to anybody that asks me. That’s how comfortable I felt.
Kenneth S. – Livonia, MI

He simplified every step and development in my case and won a fair settlement for me. I was rear ended and hurt pretty bad, so I figured I was going to need someone to help me with the situation. I hired auto attorney Dave Christensen. He was a nice guy and explained my rights to me so I could clearly understand. My lawyer was Dave Christensen. I liked him because I was nervous to interact with a lawyer, but he was very easy to understand and relate to. He simplified every step and development in my case and won a fair settlement for me. I recommend Dave because he’s a good auto lawyer, and the type of person who will look out for your best interests. The law firm staff was very understanding of my circumstances too and always called me back on time.
Gary B. – Eastpointe, MI

David Christensen helped me get medical treatment even when my automobile insurance refused to pay for it.
I was rear-ended and injured pretty badly. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know my no-fault rights. My law firm got me on the right track. They were ready and willing to help. My attorneys explained the law to me and what was going to happen. And what was really great is that if I would call, even after business hours, I would always hear back within two hours. Mr. Christensen and Mrs. Stempky were my attorneys. They were pretty cool. Really informative, easy going and made me feel really comfortable. It didn’t matter how silly I thought my question was, they were always sincere. They definitely fought for me, and helped me get medical treatment even when my automobile insurance refused to pay for it. I would tell someone in my shoes that this firm works very hard to get everything you need and deserve. They’re very helpful and compassionate.
Anne J. – Flint, MI

Christensen Law is not an ordinary firm. It’s exceptional. I was so impressed by the site and the fact that this firm specialized in auto accidents, that I decided to go further with it and call. This was my first experience in a car accident. I got t-boned. My car accident attorney Dave Christensen walked me through every step of the process. There was never a time where I felt alone. I always felt if I had questions or answers or worries, that Dave would address them with me because he knows what he’s doing. This law firm is very smooth, efficient, extremely understanding and very friendly. There should be more people like that. I think the world of Dave. I know he’s got my back. I know everybody at his firm does. I can’t believe they did this for me. They took care of all of these facets to my case. They knew there would be something that I would need help with so already had a plan in place. I felt like Dave went above and beyond, and I could never say thank you enough. I think everybody there has the right attitude – that the client comes first and the client is the most important person. I really felt like I had an ace – and a friend – in my corner, because I knew Dave Christensen and his team were protecting me. They turned a really bad situation around. I have hope now, where before I felt powerless and minuscule, and that these big insurance companies were just going to railroad me. This law firm is not an ordinary firm. It’s exceptional. I recommend Dave to everybody. I tell them just how special he is.
D.T. – Jackson, MI

David Christensen made sure all of my medical bills were paid for. I saw positive things about David Christensen on the internet, that’s why I chose this law firm. When I called, everyone was so friendly and that made me feel like I made the right choice. I had some concerns at first with hiring an attorney. I didn’t know how much it would cost or how the process works. But when I talked to my lawyer, he broke it down and explained to me how everything was going to play out. I was comfortable and confident with the process once that happened. My lawyer was a very positive guy, really enthusiastic. He motivated me. I was depressed after I was hit by a car that blew a red light. But his words got me through such a tough time. David and Sarah made sure all of my medical bills were paid for. This is a great law firm.
Antonio D. – Livonia, MI

They seemed genuinely concerned that your overall health improvement after a car accident was first and foremost. I found out about David Christensen by doing online research. I kept bouncing back to comments on this law firm because they were so positive. I e-mailed the attorneys there and what really surprised me the most was that I sent it on a weekend, and Ms. Stempky called me personally that day. They treated me very well. They weren’t condescending. They seemed genuinely concerned that your overall heath improvement after a car accident was first and foremost. My lawyer Dave Christensen is very cordial. I definitely would refer this firm because the whole experience has been very good.
Brenda H. – Bay City, MI

David Christensen provided me with the best support after my accident.
If you need help for anything related to car accidents and serious injury, Attorney David Christensen is the way to go. Dave Christensen is the greatest lawyer inside and out. He was my biggest advocate both on the case and off the case. Dave helped guide me every step of the way, through important legal decisions, financial issues and insurance issues. He always kept me in the loop by answering every single question I had and explaining things I didn’t understand. Christensen Law provided me with the best support after my accident.
Tashee P. – Oak Park, MI