31st Mar 2017

MCCA auto insurance fees are going up again in 2017

Legislators statewide complain about the cost of auto insurance fees. But the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association recently announced those costs are about to get even higher. The situation emphasizes the need for transparency and regulation over the auto insurance industry.

29th Mar 2017

Childhood head injury causes structural changes in brain

Childhood head injury can sometimes evolve into life-long development challenges. A new study says that may be because TBIs suffered in youth cause structural changes to a key part of the brain.

27th Mar 2017

Race Car Crash raises tough no-fault questions

High speed racing may be one of the most dangerous things a person can do in a car crash. But is a race car crash covered under a person’s no-fault insurance? A recent Michigan Court of Appeals case raises this … more

24th Mar 2017

Cell Phone

Attorney David Christensen of Christensen Law calls on Michigan drivers to stop distracted driving resulting from cell phone use. The push follows a rise in Michigan traffic fatalities — the highest since 2007.


Everyone at Christensen Law was extremely friendly and very easy to work with. Whenever I had a question, they took the time to talk with me and explained everything thoroughly. They were also very quick to return phone calls. I would definitely recommend Christensen Law to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer.

I suffered Traumatic Brain Injury when struck by a vehicle while walking. My recovery was a long uphill battle; I had little energy to expend on daily routines and even LESS on caring for my home and life. I wondered how I could continue into the future with the difficulties I faced.

I handed the baton off to David and Sarah of Christensen Law. They resolved the unique challenges of my case while buffering me from the opposing side’s onslaught. The case concluded successfully and to my satisfaction with minimal effort on my part.

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Overall a professional, great team. Everyone knew me and my case. When I left a message, I got a quick reply. Sarah made me feel comfortable going into a courtroom, where I never had been before. Both David and Sarah are very knowledgeable with legal issues. I trusted everyone and am a satisfied client.

V. Watkins

I never knew attorneys could be so accessible and kind. They fought for me all the way to the end. They had to take my case to trial and they won me a great settlement. Now I have a secure future.


HH, Davison

I was treated very nicely and professionally with a lot of consideration and compassion for my disabilities suffered in a horrible car accident. Mr. Christensen and Sarah Stempky made sure I understood what was happening with my case and that everything was pulled together.

LG, Stockbridge

As an accident victim I had to have my leg amputated and I was in bad shape overall. David Christensen was a light in that experience. I ended up with an entire home modification to accommodate my disabilities. It was a very stubborn insurance company but David wouldn’t take no for an answer.

CB, Milford

If I had questions or worries Dave would address them with me because he knows what he is doing. I think the world of him. I felt he went above and beyond to turn a really bad situation around. I have hope now where before I felt powerless and miniscule and that these big insurance companies were just going to railroad me.

DT, Jackson

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