Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer

Recovering from an injury often means getting compensation from the at-fault party. Find out how to move forward with your claim by working with a personal injury lawyer in Detroit.

Few events can create more stress than a serious personal injury in an accident someone else caused. Making the fullest recovery possible is going to require costly medical care. In a just world, you wouldn’t have to pay these bills. Your injuries might prevent you from working and earning an income anyway.

So what do you do? The good news is that you have legal options for seeking the money you deserve. However, winning a personal injury claim in Detroit requires legal knowledge, experience, and perseverance.

Getting full compensation can mean a long road. You don’t want to travel it alone.

David Christensen Law can help you handle your personal injury case. A Detroit personal injury lawyer from our firm will treat you like a person—not a case number. Our goal is to help you rebuild your life by winning the money you deserve.


As an injury victim, you should be aware of a few key factors after your injury. First, you should know that if an insurance company is involved, they are not on your side—even if it’s your insurer. In Detroit and elsewhere, insurers are infamous for lowballing settlement offers in the hope that you’ll accept and save them money. It’s a sad fact. But their profit margins are sometimes more important to them than paying you.

Also, you can expect the at-fault party’s insurer to blame you for the accident. Because Michigan follows a modified comparative negligence law, the more fault they can pin on you, the less you’ll be able to recover. Once again, this saves them money.

Under Michigan law, your personal injury compensation is reduced by your degree of fault. This means that if you are awarded $100,000, but the insurer successfully blames you for 40 percent of the fault, you’ll only receive $60,000. And if you’re found to be 50 percent or more at fault, you’ll lose your right to anything.

This makes it key to work with an injury lawyer who can build a case that clearly shows how you weren’t at fault while proving that the other party was.


Negligence is the key factor in any personal injury claim. Was your accident caused by a negligent person, business, or government agency? You likely have grounds to seek compensation.

Every personal injury lawyer from our Detroit firm has a wealth of experience with many case types. We’ll be able to help you find out who was at fault, how strong your case is, and what it might be worth. Here are some common case types:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws can complicate things. But a car, semi-truck, motorcycle, bus, or boat accident can mean you deserve compensation. This might be a no-fault claim with your own insurer or a claim against another driver, pedestrian, or third party. David Christensen Law obtained the largest trucking accident verdict in Michigan history ($17.9 million).
  • Defective Products – Product defects take many forms. This makes product liability cases diverse. As long as you were injured while using a product as prescribed, you might have grounds for a case. David Christensen Law has handled defective product cases ranging from a construction crane collapse to defective boats to defective coffee makers.
  • Premises Liability – Property owners have a legal obligation to address hazards that could harm visitors. This might be a vicious dog, a broken stair, a slick surface, or any number of other dangers.
  • Workplace Accidents – While construction and utility workers are perhaps most at risk, anyone can get injured on the job. You might be able to get more than just workers comp if a third-party contractor, passerby, malice, or negligence caused your work injury. David Christensen Law has obtained a record-setting recovery for a telephone worker electrocuted on the job. We have handled many electrocution cases in Detroit.
  • School Abuse – No one expects their children to come home from school suffering from some form of abuse. Whether what happened was sexual, physical, or emotional, you can hold the district responsible. David Christensen Law has secured settlements for victims of physical and sexual abuse at public and private schools.


A Detroit injury lawyer from our office will make certain that you receive the full compensation you need. We do this by looking at all of the current losses you have suffered. We’ll also work with your doctor to account for your future needs.

It doesn’t end there, however. You should also be paid for how your quality of life has decreased. These non-economic damages might not be direct losses, but they should be addressed.

For example, a traumatic brain injury can impede with your ability to relate to others, damaging your relationships. A paralyzing spine injury can limit the activities you can enjoy. Even a simple broken bone can create anguish by keeping you from working.

These are just a few of the damages and losses you might be able to include in your Detroit injury claim:

  • Medical expenses for treatments, surgeries, drugs, and equipment
  • Lost income through being unable to work, now and in the future
  • Transportation expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost companionship and sexual function
  • Lost enjoyment of life


A serious injury carries with it a number of questions and concerns. Your personal injury lawyer from Detroit will be there to provide you with the answers you need. To that end, we’ve answered a few common questions below.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in Michigan?

Michigan has a three-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. This time limit begins on the date you were injured. But if your injury is delayed or wasn’t found right away, it might begin on the discovery date. If you wait to file until after the time limit has passed, your case will be dismissed.

Can I sue the government for causing my personal injury?

Yes. You can seek compensation from the government for causing an accident. Michigan has special procedures and reduced time limits that must be observed, though. First, you must file notice of your injury claim against a state agency within six months. This is reduced to within four months if the accident involved bad highway upkeep or a public building.

Can I seek compensation if my family member died due to a personal injury?

Michigan will allow certain relatives of a deceased victim to file what’s called a wrongful death claim. This is much like a personal injury claim. It allows you to seek damages on behalf of your deceased loved one, as well as for the loss your family has suffered.


When you’ve been injured, you don’t want to take chances with the compensation that could restore your health and future well-being. Instead, let David Christensen Law help you through the legal process. We’ll work to win you the money you deserve.

You can schedule a free consultation with a Detroit personal injury lawyer by calling 248-440-7331. You can also fill out the contact form on this page.