Safe at Home: Holiday Tree Giveaway

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Holiday Tree Giveaway

For the last five years, we have sponsored safe passage home for thousands of people on the eve of Thanksgiving in our ongoing effort to prevent drunk driving.

And until this week, the plan was to continue the program as before. However, with the advent of statewide closures due to surging Coronavirus cases, we have taken up a new mantra of SAFE AT HOME.

“Our aim, as ever, is to ensure that people remain safe.” – Dave Christensen

As restaurants and bars will be closed this year in accordance with the new directives, we decided instead to promote the necessity of staying in this season. We hope that everyone will take the guidance to heart and celebrate the holidays at home.

The Contest

To kick off the celebrations, we’re launching a Holiday Tree Giveaway in association with Stempky Nursery of Cheboygan, the 60+ year old tree farm belonging to the family of Sarah Stempky-Kime, our managing attorney.

We will be giving away 10 fresh Christmas trees and 10 evergreen wreaths, grown on the 500-acre farm where every tree is cultivated, nurtured, and shaped – all by hand over the course of 14 years – and eventually cut for the season. Sarah’s father Fred Stempky personally manages the hand-harvesting of up to 3,000 trees each year. “We like to say our trees are grown with love,” says Stempky, who raised his four daughters on the northern acreage.

Winners will be notified and can select their prize trees on Saturday, December 5th on the Stempky lot at 35175 Plymouth Road in Livonia. There will be a wide variety of trees available choose from, with sizes ranging from table-top to cathedral height.

stempkey family nursery

Safe Ride Home has long been a key component of our social responsibility program, and we hope to resume it in 2021. In the meantime, we are delighted to be able to bring some joy into the holidays we all spend safely at home this year.

You can enter our Holiday Tree Giveaway on our Facebook page.