Do You Need a Motorcycle License in Michigan?

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Riding a motorcycle takes a certain amount of skill beyond just getting behind the wheel. But do you need a separate motorcycle license to ride legally in Michigan?

There is no separate Michigan motorcycle license. Instead, before you can ride on Michigan roads you need your “CY” endorsement. So how do you get it?

1. Get a Temporary Motorcycle Permit

Anyone who is 16 years old and has a Michigan driver’s license can request a motorcycle temporary instruction permit, effective for 180 days. If you are under 18 though, you have to be enrolled in or have completed a safety training course, discussed below. You will have the pay for the motorcycle endorsement is $13.50, before the permit will be issued.

2. Take Vision and Written Tests

Just like when you get a driver’s license, you have to go to your local Secretary of State and take a basic vision and written test.

3. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

The best way to prepare to ride a motorcycle is to take a Basic Rider Course (BRC). It is not required – you can take an on-road skills test through the Secretary of State instead. But a BRC can teach you to negotiate curves, make turns, and make the most of your bike’s braking system. You don’t have to have any experience to start, and you don’t need to have your own bike, but by the time you finish you will be ready to ride.

4. Present Your Certificate to the Secretary of State

Completing the course doesn’t mean you’re automatically certified. Before you hit the streets, make sure to stop back at the Secretary of State give them your completion certificate. That’s the only way you’ll go from permit to full CY endorsement.

Bikers face unique challenges on the road. Before you hit the streets, make sure you get your CY endorsement and learn how to minimize the risk of accident. If a biker you know has been in a motorcycle accident, contact the experts at Christensen Law for a free consultation.