Practice Area Category: Brain Injury

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Over $1 million settlement in truck accident case 

Our client, a special education teacher, was rear ended by a garbage-hauler that ran a red light at 50 miles per hour and crashed into her pickup truck. She sustained a life-changing traumatic brain injury. Shortly before trial, the garbage truck company agreed to pay her more than $1 million in damages. (Confidential settlement)

$775,000 arbitration award for woman with traumatic brain injury

A 56-year-old Grand Rapids sales executive sustained a traumatic brain injury in a rear-end car accident. The case against the negligent driver ultimately proceeded to arbitration, where the panel awarded her $775,000 in damages. (Wilusz v. Bauer)

Jury awards $1.93 million to auto accident victim with brain injury

A doctor was stopped in his truck and waiting to make a left turn when he was rear-ended at a high rate of speed by another driver. He was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and required treatment with numerous specialists. After a very hard-fought case and trial, a Tuscola County jury awarded him over $1.93 million in damages. (Adams v. Stolicker)

Brain Injury Victim hit by Cement Truck: Christensen obtains a $17.8 Million Verdict

This 40 year old woman was rear ended by a cement truck as she was returning home from work. She underwent five surgeries including three on her spine, one on her shoulder and one on her hip. She suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, and requires ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. The insurance company only offered her $600,000 before trial. The jury awarded her the full measure of her lifetime damages.