Child Abuse in Public Schools

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Public school should be a safe place for your child. You shouldn’t have to worry about them being hurt while they are supposed to be focused on learning. When the school falls down on their duty to protect your family, you need a personal injury attorney ready to stand up to school districts.

Holding a public school responsible when it fails to protect your son or daughter is no easy task. Depending on what happened, you may have a federal lawsuit against the school district and its employees. But those cases are hard to win. Public schools have experienced attorneys fighting for them and you should too.

Governmental Immunity in Public Schools

When a student is injured on public school grounds, the school can sometimes be held accountable. But whether you are able to recover will depend on whether the school was “grossly negligent” in its obligation to take care of your child. Governmental Immunity is a legal shield used by public school officials to protect them from lawsuits when bad things happen on the playground or in the locker room. Under governmental immunity, a school administrator can’t be held responsible unless what they did, or failed to do, was extreme.

To get past the governmental immunity shield, you need a top-rated attorney ready to go to bat for your family against the school district. Whether your goal is to get your student back in school, recover for physical and mental harm done, or get additional protections for your student, the public school child abuse lawyers at Christensen Law are there to help. Child abuse in public schools is a serious problem. When it happens it deserves the attention of a serious legal team. Don’t try to handle your student’s child abuse claim yourself. Get help from attorneys who know how to fight back.

Special Needs Students

Students with special needs, including physical disabilities and learning disorders, are entitled to special care under state and federal law. But public schools all across the state are falling down in their duty to provide meaningful protection to special needs students. When schools fail to do what it takes to protect special needs students from harm or bullying, attorneys like David Christensen can step in to make sure they are safe.

When you are fighting against a school district you can often feel helpless. Teams of teachers, administrators, and school lawyers can make you feel like you don’t have a case. But the experienced lawyers at Christensen Law are here to help you even the playing field. They will help you and your child get the education, care, and compensation, you need. If your child has been the victim of child abuse while in the care of a public school contact Christensen Law today for a free consultation.

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